Founders’ Stories

The Riordan Clinic was founded in 1975 from the shared vision of Dr. Hugh Riordan and benefactor Olive W. Garvey.
We would like to thank the Garvey and Riordan families for their unwavering support through the years.

Olive W. Garvey

Olive W. Garvey

Olive once noted that she thought her life was divided into three sections. There was her youth and education as the first, her happy and fulfilling married life to Ray Garvey as the second, and the final years without her husband and as a businesswoman. Along the way, Olive fostered important relationships and developed an astute business sense. Her planning was meticulous, and her decisions final.

On a particular day in the early 1970s, Olive was reading a review about a new book that piqued her interest. It was called Nutrition and Your Mind, by George Watson. After reading the book, she began to formulate an idea that would eventually lead to The Center for the Improvement of Human Functioning (now the Riordan Clinic).

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Dr. Hugh D. Riordan

Hugh D. Riordan

Hugh developed qualities as a child that stuck with him throughout his life, such as a curiosity of his environment, a sense of adventure, and a feeling of self-reliance. He was allowed to make mistakes and learn the consequences of his actions. What’s more, Hugh was skeptical of considering “experts” the ultimate authority on any subject, and found that a curiosity of the natural world and the questioning of accepted beliefs could be just as powerful and accurate.

Dr. Hugh was not a stranger to transition. After connecting with Dr. Fowler Poling, a brief stint consulting with the school system, and setting up his own large practice, Dr. Hugh found himself hand writing a grant on yellow tablet paper to establish a research laboratory. How would this be received by someone of Olive W. Garvey’s stature?

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Robert A. PageWith gratitude, we invite you to read about Robert A. Page, a man who played an instrumental role in the creation and development of the Riordan Clinic. We would also like to thank Marge Page and family for showing their support through the years.

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