“The Domes” in Wichita, KS

Riordan Under ConstructionRiordan Dome Under ConstructionAerial of Riordan Campus

Since opening our existing facility in July of 1984, the Riordan Clinic’s notable structure has been a curiosity in the Wichita skyline. From the beginning both Founder, Dr. Hugh D. Riordan, and Founding Benefactor, Olive W. Garvey, envisioned creating a facility that would be unlike anything else on earth. They succeeded!

It was decided that multi-geodesic dome structures would be both cost effective and provide the desired flexibility. The geodesic domes’ spherical shape gives strength to the buildings and it also encloses the greatest volume of interior space using the least amount of surface area. The geodesic dome design was “green” before being “green” was cool. The sphere with an open interior allows air to circulate without obstruction. It takes less air to cool and heat geodesic domes because the air circulates more freely through the space. The domes all have skylights that provide an abundance of natural light. Each dome has banks of windows that open and allow fresh air in from the outside. All the domes are connected underground and most of the domes have large “daylight” windows that allow abundant natural light into the lower level. The interior design also includes glass atrium’s and an abundance of plants. The structures create a wonderful environment for staff and our patients.

The facility is comprised of seven 45-foot geodesic domes arranged in a circle, with one 60-foot geodesic dome in the center. The circle configuration was used as it is nature’s simplest, yet most powerful, form. Additionally, a 39-foot-tall pyramid was constructed on the property to be used for research. There was a theory popular in the late 70s called “pyramid power.” The theory suggested the pyramid design was conducive to integrating and amplifying energy fields. For a Center dedicated to spreading an epidemic of health to all people, the pyramid was a fitting addition to the campus at the time the facility was built. Today the pyramid is available to the public for parties and events.

Due to the design of the Riordan Clinic, many people considered the facility to be “new age” although the Riordan Clinic does not espouse any one religious philosophy. Our multi-cultural staff brings their individual religious views to the organization, and many denominations are represented. We encourage you to look beyond our unique architecture and discover the benefits of the integrative medicine we practice here at the Riordan Clinic.

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