The Bio-Center Lab at the Riordan Clinic was established in 1975 and has dedicated itself to providing accurate clinical analysis focusing on nutritional medicine. Our specialties include testing for pyrroles, histamine, spermidine, spermine, cytotoxic food sensitivities, parasitology, analysis of red blood cell fatty acids and minerals, along with many vitamins.

The Lab’s function at our facility is two-fold: to provide in-house patients who come for treatment with accurate state of the art laboratory analysis and to provide diagnostic services for physicians and hospitals throughout the country. In both cases, we provide doctors relevant biochemical impairment information to increase diagnostic accuracy.

Since 1975, we have provided diagnostic services for physicians and hospitals throughout the country to help reveal biochemical impairments to increase diagnostic accuracy.

About the Bio-Center Lab

About the Bio-Center Laboratory?

Discover the many advantages of using the Bio-Center Lab as your reference laboratory.

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Test Catalog

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