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Bio-Center Laboratory at the Riordan Clinic: Cytotoxic Food Sensitivity Testing

Based on results from a cytotoxic blood test, doctors at the Riordan Clinic provide a comprehensive assessment of your food sensitivities and create a therapeutic prescription for dealing with the results. A limited number of clinics in the world specialize in cytotoxic testing—the Riordan Clinic is one such facility Continue reading

17 Correctable Causes of Chronic Illness

Twice a year the Riordan Clinic sponsors a community lecture and an opportunity for non-patients to test their key nutrient levels at a deep discount during our semi-annual Check Your Health event. This year Dr. Ron Hunninghake, Chief Medical Officer of the Riordan Clinic, will discuss the Riordan diagram of Correctable Causes of Chronic Illness. Continue reading

March Specials: Laboratory & Supplement Store

Each month the BioCenter Laboratory and Riordan Clinic Supplement Store have specials! This month take advantage of 20% off a CBC and C-Reactive Protein High-Sensitivity (CRP-hs) as well as 15% off of various supplements to help with allergies and asthma. Offer expires 3/31/2013 Continue reading


Check Your Health Special Laboratory Testing Event and Supplement Sale March 25-March 29 2013. For a limited time only, save 45% on our testing panels and 25% off of all supplements on-line or in the supplement store. Call TODAY!
Continue reading

February: This Month’s Specials

Stop by during the month of February and take advantage of 15% off of supplements for Arthritis and 30% Boron and Strontium Trace Mineral Lab Testing! Offer is valid 2/1/13-2/28/13. Continue reading

Invest in the Vision

Thank you to the individuals, corporations and foundations whose support this year has meant health, hope and healing for thousands worldwide. The Riordan Clinic has been a good steward of your gifts. I invite you to view the Patient Success Stories on our website and learn firsthand the difference you have made. Continue reading